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      Wallet Envelope Machine
      Envelope Making Machine

      Envelope Making Machine

      Wallet Envelope Machine
      Video Sample

      KT-266 automatic envelope making machines integrate cutting window, sticking film, daubing wet glue, folding and gluing. KT266 envelope making machine is suitable for processing Chinese style NO. 1-7 envelopes, western style NO.2-7 envelopes and other irregular envelopes.
      This paper envelope machine is designed with the features of loading paper without stopping, automatic impressing and counting, etc.

      Gram weight of paper80-120g/m2
      Work speed5000-15000pcs/h
      Envelope's spec102x162~160x230mm
      Total power28kw
      Weight of machine5.0T
      Dimensions of mahine9580×1180×1800mm

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號