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      Wallet Envelope Machine
      Envelope Making Machine

      Envelope Making Machine

      Wallet Envelope Machine
      Video Sample

      This envelope making machine can be applied for making No.1-9 pocket envelopes and No.2-7 wallet ones. It can also be used for making nonstandard paper bags within this range. It has the following characteristic: automatic impressing,loading paper without stop, accurately counting by electronic counter. It is a perfect equipment for general envelope.

      Gram of adaptive paper80-150g/m2
      Working speed5000-12000pcs/h
      envelope's specpocket envelope: 162×102-229×324MM
      wallet envelope: 162×114-160×230MM
      Total power5.5KW
      Weight of machine1.5t
      Dimension of machine3730×980×1330MM

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號