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      Red Pocket Making Machine
      Red Pocket With Glue Making Machine

      Red Pocket With Glue Making Machine

      Red Pocket Making Machine
      Video Sample

      Model ZF-360 full-automatic envelope and red pocket tongue gelatinizing sealing machine is a new kind of red pocket, red envelope making machine that has the function of automatic gluing, folding, daubing self-sticky glue, automatic drying by haloid lamp and automatic counting, etc. Developed based on the rich experience of our technicians in producing envelope making machines, this envelope making machine has promoted the production of envelopes and red paper bags up to a higher grade.

      Applicable paper80-157g/m2
      Working speed5000-12000pcs/h
      Envelope's spec230x118-70x50mm
      Total power7.5kw
      Total power7.5kw
      Weight of machine1200kg
      Dimensions of machine4100x790x1200mm

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號