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      Pocket Envelope Machine
      Large Chinese Envelope Machine

      Large Chinese Envelope Machine

      Pocket Envelope Machine
      Video Sample

      ZF-350 Large Chinese Envelope Machine Many of its structures adopt the foreign advanced technology,Based on ZF-250A, ZF-128, ZF-150-type envelope machine equipment developed on the new generation of large-size envelope processing, which combines automatic indentation, automatic folding, automatic counting in a closed envelope, the machine is particularly suitable 1-10 processing Chinese Chinese standard envelopes and similar bags, compared with other similar devices, the structure is more reasonable and faster speeds, higher productivity, lower loss, conditioners more convenient and easier to maintain, more stable performance.

      ZF-350 Large Chinese Envelope Machine
      Gram weight of paper 80~120g/m²
      Work speed 3000-8000pcs/h
      Weight of machine 2.5T
      Dimensions of mahine 3050×1150×1500mm

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號