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      Pocket Envelope Machine
      Pocket Envelope Making Machine

      Pocket Envelope Making Machine

      Pocket Envelope Machine
      Video Sample

      ZF150 Full Automatic Pocket Envelope Making Machine is mainly used for sealing pocket (Chinese style) envelopes. ZF150 has features: high efficiency,stable performance, the ajustment operation is quick and convenience, reliable feeding system of feeding paper from paper-pile bottom by air-suction, paper can be added even if macine is working, the folder structure with the air-suction shaft and barrier boards is stable and rapid performance, it can adjust the width of the envelope with non-stop operation, automatic counting structure for finished products.

      Applicable paper80~120g/m2
      Work speed5000-8000pcs/h
      Total powe8.2kw
      Weight of machine2500kg
      Dimensions of machine3000×1200×1450mm

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號