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      Hydraulic Pressure Cutting Machine
      Hydraulic Pressure Cutting Machine

      Hydraulic Pressure Cutting Machine

      Hydraulic Pressure Cutting Machine
      Video Sample

      Hydraulic press cutting machine can be used to process all kinds of envelopes and paper bags. It can be used as envelope cutting machine and paper bag cutting machine.
      Our hydraulic press cutting machine is designed with the functions of vernier positioning,automatically separating the paper from the die,and automatically stop.
      It adopts four column supporting structure to ensure the stability.
      Besides, our hydraulic press cutting machine is characterized by high efficiency and reliable performance.

      Effecive working size800x500mm
      The pressure of die cutting11T
      The pressure in oil pump6.3Mpa
      Motor power4.0kw
      Weight of machine1000kg
      Dimensions of mahine1330x870x1450mm

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號