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      Express Mail Envelope Machine
      Express Mail Envelope Making Machine

      Express Mail Envelope Making Machine

      Express Mail Envelope Machine
      Video Sample

      Many of its structures adopt the foreign advanced technology . Its gluing syetem can stop gluing automatically when the machine is short of paper during  running;its paper cutting system can adjust the paper lenght freely during running ;also it's provided with a finished product counter and an automatic rotary delivery unit .It's featured by stable performance as well as fast and accurate debugging during mass production .

      KD-70C Express Mail Envelope Making Machine
      Gram weight of paper100-320g/m2
      Work speed2500-4200pcs/h
      Envelope's spec400mm×300mm-190mm×240mm
      Total power20KW
      Weight of machine4.0T
      Dimensions of mahine8300×4410(90 degree turn)×970×1500mm

      浙公網安備 33032402001437號