Information on Kellye Cash

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Career Highlights

Kellye Cash is the great niece of famous performer, Johnny Cash. She has been gifted with a good singing voice just like her uncle. She has performed with big stars like Billy Joel. Lee Greenwood and Vince Gil.

Television Guestings

Cash has also graced the shows of Bob Hope and David Letterman. She also did guest appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show and so much more. She does not only sing but she also has the beauty.

Pageant Victories

In 1986, Kellye Cash was proclaimed Miss Tennessee and went on to capture the hearts of all the judges and viewers by winning Miss America the following year. During the pre-pageant award ceremonies, the talent and swimsuit awards were given to her. This kind of exposure opened new doors to theatrical productions and Broadway performances.

On Broadway

One of the most celebrated roles she played was to be Patsy Cline in the Broadway hit musical entitled "Always". Just like Cline, Kellye is also a Christian singer and loves performing. The lead role in this show could not have been given to anyone more fitting.

Always Patsy Cline

The play is about a moment in the life of legendary country singer, Patsy Cline. She was a popular country singer who brought the sounds of Nashville to America. Her string of hit songs continues to make raves until today.

Always is about her relationship with a fan, Louise Seger and how they kept in touch through letters that were signed by Cline with "always" in the end. The show relives how Cline would write to Seger about daily struggles. These letters were made as the basis of the whole production.

Two Christian women endowed with the gift to make music and melody is a tough act to follow. The sounds of Patsy cline will long be heard and remembered in the voice of Kellye Cash and in the walls of Broadway. The empowerment of music through constant reruns will ensure tomorrow's recall.